Orange & Chile 9oz amber jar

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A true orange smell with a spicy kick of chile pepper

Top: Chile
Middle: Orange
Base: Green Leaves

1 review for Orange & Chile 9oz amber jar

  1. SallyALanham

    OMG. I am such a purist. I stick my nose into every candle I come across in search of something I can live with. I shouldn’t say every because so many are simply nasty. They say Pine but reek of hangy down car car fresheners. Yuck.
    I happened to be in Taos NM and ran across this intriguing item. Orange/Chili. I love good orange candles so I took my olfactory never for a plunge. I was not prepared for a distinct chili tingle in my nose. It was almost akin to smelling cayenne in the jar. It was so true to its label. Deep satisfaction good orange and a pop of Chili.

    I just ordered three more tins and am expanding to a couple other scents. What a great find.

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