Adding and Managing Products


Creating and Managing Simple and Grouped Products in WooCommerce

Make sure you are familiar with the WooCommerce Products tab on the backend of your WordPress website. Here you can get a quick look at what’s in your store. This page will help you make fast or deep edits to your products.There are two primary product types for your store’s set-up. 1)Simple Products 2)Grouped Products. A grouped product is composed of multiple simple products, but are generally size or color variations of the same product.

To create a new product. Start with an existing product set as a guideline. Or start from scratch. Either way, you’ll be creating a Grouped Product  and the individual simple products that make up the variations of the grouped product.

  1. Start by copying over to draft an existing Grouped Product. Change the name to your new product, update the SKU number and delete the exiting linked products from the original. You will be adding new linked products after we complete the simple products for this page.
    >> A Grouped Product calls up various Single Products that must be individually placed in the product page’s “Linked Products” section of the Product Data section on the second tab in the middle of the page. You may arrange the order and variations for simple products in the group. This will be done at the end of the process after you have created all of your simple products.
  2. To create a simple product, copy over an existing product page or start from scratch. Each Simple Product page will make up the Grouped Product.
  3. A Simple Product needs its image added in the featured image section, the Title changed with size and the appropriate price and inventory number or SKU. This number should be simple and reflect the product like the letters of the product and size. The SKU should be consistent across the simple products you are trying to group. This will make it easier to add to the final Grouped Product later. Choose the Category that this product belongs to. This will generally be the size of the product for this simple product instance.
  4. Rinse and Repeat – Follow the same steps for creating each product variation for each Simple Product page you want grouped.
  5. The final step is to pull your Grouped Product together. Return to your original Grouped Product that we built at the start. Use the second tab of the Product Data section in the middle of the product page. Make sure you have selected Grouped Product as the product type. Start listing your new SKUs by the first 3 letters (e.g. SWP-8OZJ for Sweet Pea 8oz Jar).
  6. To start again, copy to draft an existing Grouped Product and its several Simple Products. Begin the process again.